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We recognize the challenges a small business owner faces and want to help you have more time to increase your bottom line. As a member, you’re already familiar with many of our convenient services & products, so count on us for all of your banking needs with a business account.

Business Loans

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To improve your chances for loan approval, consider the following:

Capacity – Make sure your business plan demonstrates your business’ ability to pay back the loan.

Capital – To receive a loan, you will need to provide some capital as laws prohibit us from lending 100% of start-up or acquisition costs. This may come from deposits, an equity loan against your personal residence, or money from other sources.

Collateral – What collateral do you have to enhance your credit? If the collateral is property, the loan request cannot exceed 80% of the property’s value. Other types of collateral may consist of equipment, vehicle(s) and other business assets.

Conditions – Be prepared to demonstrate there is a market for your business based on the following: the local, regional and national economy, the type of business and competitiveness of the business along with your experience in the specific industry and in managing a business.

Character – Along with the general impression you make on your lender this will include your educational and business background and a check of your credit score. It is important to manage your personal credit well.


Am I committed to making my business succeed?

Am I providing a viable service or product despite the competition?

Have I researched and evaluated my competition?

Is my business in compliance with all local, state, & federal regulations?

A business loan must be secured by real estate.